#All4TheGreen 2018 - Closing Remarks

#All4TheGreen 2018 - Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks of the #All4TheGreen - Mobilizing Climate Science Event, in Bologna with:
  Abdalah Mokssit, Secretary, IPCC 
​  Giulia Braga, Program Manager, Connect4Climate 
  Students of “Rondine - Cittadella della Pace”

About #All4TheGreen - Mobilizing Climate Science:

To mark 30 years of mobilizing climate science, to celebrate the IPCC achievement and debate what needs to be done going forward, a series of events under the All4TheGreen umbrella and organized by Connect4Climate, was presented in Bologna at the oldest university in Europe, on Monday, February 26th, with internationally renowned scientists, government representatives, academics and IPCC leaders all present.